Winter Activities The Whole Family Can Enjoy

Slip and Fall Lawyer Newark, NJThere is nothing quite like being able to experience all four seasons throughout a year. Each season brings its own change in temperature, scenery, and weather. There are the fresh rain and new growth of spring, the warmth and sun of summer, the brisk air and colorful leaves of autumn and the chill of a fresh snowfall in the winter.

In accordance with the weather, the varying seasons throughout the year also come with many changes in dress and activities that can be done. For instance, spring and summer make it much easier to wear shorts and skirts and tank tops and t-shirts. Meanwhile, the cool air of autumn means long-sleeved shirts and pants and bringing out the jackets.

When winter finally approaches out comes the wool hats, gloves, winter jackets, and boots. As far as activities go, it is much easier to get up and go do something outside during the spring and summer. The warm weather means trips to the beach, playing sports outside or even leisure activities like a day out on the boat or a picnic in the park.

The cool weather of the fall is even a time when many people are outside enjoying the last of the nice weather. Football is in full swing and a walk around the block exploring the changing colors of the leaves on the trees is always a fun activity.

But then comes winter. Temperatures drop below 32 degrees and wind tends to pick up, making it quite cold outside. Add on the troubles of a heavy snowfall or wintry mix and venturing outside for fun is not something many think about doing.

But here’s the thing: just because winter is cold and windy does not mean there aren’t activities you and your family can do together. There are plenty of cold weather activities to do outside and a handful of great ones to do inside as well.

The National Debt Relief highlights a handful of great outdoor activities in an article online. Their top choice and one many choose to do when the first snowfall hits, is going snow tubing and/or sledding.

The great thing about tubing and sledding is that they are inexpensive activities that can be done wherever there is a hill. Snow tubes can be found online or in a store and sleds can be anything from what you buy in the store to a plastic bag. Make sure to dress warm and in layers and do not forget to invite your friends.

Even less expensive than sledding since it requires only snow is a snowball fight. A fun, playful snowball fight with the family is a great way to get in some exercise while enjoying the fresh snow. You can then take a break from the snowball fight and work on building a snowman or igloo. Top it off with some quality snow angels and you have a solid day of fun in the snow completed.

If your budget allows, taking a family trip to go skiing and/or snowboarding is another great winter activity to partake in. Many lodges offer accommodations and rentals in a package deal, making it easy to just wake up and hit the slopes.

Many ski and snow resorts even offer lessons for those with little to zero experience in the sports. And while some may be worried about injuries, there are always other activities to partake in like cross-country skiing or snow tubing. Snow tubing at a ski and snowboard resort is a bit more organized than in your backyard and usually involves pre-made tracks and hills to tube down.

Outside of the snow-related activities, there are plenty of outdoor activities to do in the winter. An extremely popular activity is ice skating. Outdoor ice rinks tend to pop up in the winter and if not outside, there are plenty of ice rinks around that offer indoor skating.

Ice skate rentals and admission onto a rink are relatively cheap, making it an affordable activity for a family. It is also always better to do your skating on a formalized rink as opposed to finding a frozen pond or body of water. You never know just when that ice may give out.

On an even more relaxed level, a great outdoor activity in the winter is taking a walk and viewing holiday lights. The winter brings many different holidays and with those holidays come many different decorations.

Some towns even hold storefront decoration contests, making it the perfect place to stroll through. After a fresh snowfall, lights tend to sparkle a bit brighter so that is the ideal time to take a walk and take in the sights. Keep in mind though, that sidewalks can be slippery or slick, so take care when walking with the family to avoid a slip and fall. Enjoy the evening and cap it off with some hot cocoa at a local cafe.

Sometimes the cold weather and inclement weather might mean outdoor activities are a no go, but that doesn’t mean the family fun has to stop. There are plenty of indoor activities worth doing as a family, especially beside a warm fire.

An article from VivaReston Magazine points out just how much fun board games can be on a snowy, cold night. The article says, “games are a fun way to test your trivia, acting, artistic and even strategic skills.” Games are a great way to involve everyone in the family and last long enough for some fun, quality time with each other.

Other indoor activities can include checking out a show at the local theater if travel is not too difficult due to weather. Taking in a movie at the movie theater is also another great activity to do as a family.

It is easy to get lost in the fact that winter is cold and windy but instead of laying in bed all day or just watching television, do your best to get outside. Include the family and enjoy what the season has to offer. And remember, the winter will not last all year. Soon enough, you will be wondering what spring activities are available to do.

Coping with a Breast Cancer Diagnosis During the Holidays

Taxotere Lawsuit Attorney Birmingham AlabamaBeing diagnosed with breast cancer is likely to be one of the most emotionally challenging and difficult experiences of a person’s life. This difficulty can be magnified when the person diagnosed with breast cancer is a loved one. Undergoing treatment for breast cancer can be traumatic, especially as the patient’s body undergoes drastic changes. Perhaps worst of all, the treatment for breast cancer can be incredibly invasive and wear out a person both physically and mentally.

The painful emotions that come with a breast cancer diagnosis, as well as the subsequent treatment, might never be harder to deal with than during the holidays when your family comes together to celebrate the end of the year and the onset of the new year.

Here are a few things you can do to help yourself or a loved one cope with a breast cancer diagnosis during the holidays:

Talk It Out: There is nothing wrong with expressing yourself and sharing your feelings about a breast cancer diagnosis with close friends and family members. In fact, talking about the situation can potentially make the illness more manageable as you move through the physical recovery process and your body heals from medical treatment. Talking things out with a loved one, or with a trained professional, is a good way to manage your anxiety about your breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Moreover, sharing your feelings in an open and honest way can help to ensure that you don’t lash out at the people you love — the people who just want to make sure that you are alright during this difficult time.

Come Up with a Schedule: Once you start getting medical help for your illness, you may find that performing daily tasks is harder than usual. Even the simplest tasks — such as getting dressed in the morning, picking up groceries from the store, or preparing meals — may present great difficulty when you are physically and mentally exhausted from treatment. One way to combat this is to start planning now and create a schedule of things you think you can really do after treatment begins. Additionally, try to include other people in your schedule so that they know if and when their assistance might be needed.

Allow Yourself to Be Vulnerable: You’ve probably spent your whole adult life taking care of yourself. Now, it’s time to let yourself be taken care of by those who love you. Don’t close yourself off from others as you go through this emotionally and physically challenging process. You need to stay close with your friends and family members and let them help you. This will not only make your recovery process easier, but it will also encourage the people closest to you to stay involved in your life.

How You Look Can Affect How You Feel: It’s possible that you will lose your hair and suffer other adverse physical consequences during chemotherapy. Do not underestimate just how much this can affect your outlook and feelings about the cancer treatment. If you are not in the right mental state, your treatment could be impacted. So, take steps now to prepare by researching wigs, breast prostheses, and other options that might help you to feel good after surgery or treatment.

Try to Maintain Closeness with Your Spouse: As you undergo chemotherapy, surgery, or other medical treatment options for your cancer diagnosis, your body is likely to experience some pretty drastic changes and transformations. One of the first things that might disappear — at least temporarily — during cancer treatment is your sex drive. Remember that you are part of a loving relationship with another person, so try to be open and honest about your desires and needs. Let them know that you still care about them, even if you can’t be physically intimate with them during the cancer treatment. If you are unable to maintain physical closeness with your spouse, at least try to maintain emotional closeness with them.

Don’t Be Shy About Discussing Your Treatment with Doctors: It is important that you do not shy away from discussing your cancer treatment with your doctors and nurses. When you have a negative health reaction to a particular type of treatment, immediately notify your medical treatment providers so that they can properly evaluate you and determine if the medical plan should change going forward. Some chemotherapy drugs like Taxotere can have side effects that include permanent hair loss. If you find yourself suffering complications from Taxotere or some other cancer treatment drug, alert your doctors immediately so that appropriate action can be taken to correct the problem.

Talk to a Mental Health Professional: Cancer does not just take a toll on the body; it can also have a profoundly negative effect on the mind. Many cancer patients get depressed, particularly during chemotherapy. Safeguard yourself against depression by talking to a trained mental health professional on a regular basis during your cancer treatment.

Research It: If you are physically up to the task, take some time to research your cancer diagnosis and inform yourself of the various aspects of the illness and how it is likely to affect you. There are a lot of good websites out there that provide invaluable information about cancer symptoms, causes, and treatment options, as well as national and regional cancer statistics. There is something empowering about understanding your breast cancer diagnosis and everything that is likely to come with the illness before it starts to overpower you.

You may be experiencing a flood of emotions after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis. That’s normal. What is most important now is that you get the love and support you need to make it through this difficult health situation. And please keep in mind that every person who is diagnosed with breast cancer reacts differently and will likely have unique coping mechanisms for dealing with the diagnosis. There is no one right answer for responding to a breast cancer diagnosis.