28-Year Old Construction Worker Dies in Manhattan

Scaffolding Accident Lawyer New YorkMy brother has spent the majority of his adult years working in construction and the stories that he ends up sharing with me are absolutely terrifying. There seem to be not only so many hazards, but people seem to be losing their life left and right. Tragedy struck recently in the Upper East Side in New York when a 28-year old Staten Island construction worker was hit in the head by a steel beam that fell from a scaffolding.

I can’t imagine what that day was like for the workers around him to be witness to that, let alone the pain and agony that comes with losing a loved one suddenly. My wife lost her mother a few years back and it was very sudden, despite her cancer diagnosis. I think losing someone suddenly in that manner is harder to cope with because it just doesn’t make sense. As a father, and even just looking back on some of the stupid stuff I did in my early and mid-twenties, losing your life at 28 before you’ve even been able to experience anything is such a tragedy.

I delve more into this sad topic on my article on the Patch which you can read here.