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A Waiting Room is a Nightmare When 784,404 People Share Your Last Name

Imagine you’re born and you come into this big, open world with nothing but limitless possibilities ahead of you, only to realize you’re named Ed Anderson. I feel like Chandler from Friends when I say, “Could I HAVE a more boring name??” What am I? A blogger?

I’m actually named after my mom’s father whose full name was Edward, like mine, but growing up in the early 1900s seems like a better all-around environment than let’s say, mid-1995 wearing JNCO and making fun of my sister’s Lisa Frank obsession. Still, growing up as Ed Anderson, ultimately settling on a hobby such as blogging where your anonymity is pointless and an established following is paramount, you can see how having the name ED ANDERSON can throw an ungodly wrench in the mix. Not to mention, whenever I’m in a waiting room for a dental cleaning, there’s always at least one another person with the last name Anderson who competes for my attention.


Anderson last name

Statistics from the U.S. Census Burea

As you can see, we run amuck here in the continental United States.

How to Make Yourself Stand Out?

I pride myself on being a typical guy who enjoys the common things that everyone else likes. I mean, who doesn’t like being considered a “coffee aficionado” like this guy…

ed anderson twitter

In all seriousness though, blogging is about setting yourself apart that can reach a specific type of audience. If you’re interested in discussing what the latest fashion trends are and why on earth fanny packs are making a comeback – then this blog will fail to meet your needs. If, however, you’re interested in the more obscure topics such as law, finance, business, human resources, and parenthood, then welcome. You’ll be only 89% disappointed.

My identity is constructed by understanding that my name, while common, isn’t a reflection on having common interests. That’s the whole concept of branding! I come from a background of having experiences in the kinds of topics I write about. Sometimes these will be personal accounts of what it was like to have my mother diagnosed with breast cancer. Sometimes these topics will include tragic stories about car accidents because I’ve had a few. Maybe they’ll focus on my marriage and what family life is like. Other times, these topics will be arguably, more common than personal. Isn’t that, in essence, what makes it uncommon?  Everything you’ll find here is helpful information on the varying stages of your life – and how the uncommon, sometimes becomes common.

Find Your Groove

At the end of the day, if you’re a blogger, your entire goal is to contribute to your audience. What do they want to read? What do you – and only you – have to say? Why does it matter?

Once you address these questions, then you’re well on your way to being able to be a blogger. It’s okay to start small as I’m learning. I mean, my first goal of the day was to try and find a flattering picture of me. I’d think it’s safe to say I did so – don’t you agree? Those glasses ending up costing me a fortune.